Our Mission

  • To support the International Comission of Jurists (ICJ), and its Centre for the Independence of Judges and Lawyers (CIJL), and to solicit the widest possible support and participation of distinguished American lawyers in this international non-governmental organization;

  • To assure that the views and expertise of American lawyers are fully represented in the council and deliberations of the ICJ;

  • To develop and carry out a program of stimulating active interest among members of the Bench and Bar of the United States, in the following concerns: 1) interpretation and implementation on an international scale of the rights and responsibilities of the individual; 2) assistance to lawyers and bar associations in other countries in protecting and defending individual liberties;

  • To analyze and interpret the relationship between the Rule of Law and the development process;

  • To stimulate activity for constructive participation in international and regional organizations which affect the development of individual Human Rights.