U.S.| Attorney General Defends Decision to Use NY Federal Court for 9/11 Trial

posted on 11.19.2009 by

From the New York Times: Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. on Wednesday defended his decision to prosecute five men accused as co-conspirators in the Sept. 11 attacks in federal court in Manhattan, declaring that while he believes “we are at war,” that the venue was the best place to pursue the case against them. Read more

U.S.| 9/11 and Legal Obstacles: How Do You Defend a Nortorious Terrorist Figure?

posted on 11.14.2009 by

Following the recent announcement by U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. to try Khalid Shaikh Mohammed in a civilian Manhattan courthouse, Eric Lichtblau and Benjamin Weiser of the New York Times poses the question, “How do you defend one of the most notorious terrorist figures in history?” From the question of a fair trial to that of capital punishment, to challenges that will ineluctably be made to interrogation methods used on the suspect during his more than six years of detention, the 9/11 trial evinces a host of unparalleled legal obstacles. Read more

U.S.| Key 9/11 Suspects To Be Tried in NY Federal Court

posted on 11.13.2009 by

The Obama Administration has decided to move the trials of the five Guantánamo Bay detainees suspected of plotting the 9/11 attacks from the Guantánamo military commissions to federal courts to face justice. Read more