U.S.| “Costs of War: Institutionalizing the War on Terror”

posted on 02.03.2010 by

From ISN Security Watch: The first budget written by the Obama’ administration institutionalizes spending on the war he inherited – not just in the Department of Defense, but across the US government. In effect, the new budget request is a spending plan for endless conflict, Shaun Waterman writes for ISN Security Watch.

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U.S.| UN calls on U.S. to “stop secret detention and abuse” ahead of report to Human Rights Council

posted on 01.28.2010 by

The United Nations has called on the U.S. and others to put an end to secret detention policies and human rights abuses in their “war on terrorism”, IDN reports. Read more

U.S.| Obama administration urged to renew pledge to close Guantanamo, ensure accountability

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Ahead of the one-year anniversary of Obama pledging to close Guantanamo Bay, human rights watchdogs have urged the administration to redouble its efforts to close the prison and ensure accountability for “war on terror” abuses. Read more

On Administrative Detention

posted on 10.21.2009 by Lisa

From the International Law Observer:

Administrative detention has been a contentious topic for international lawyers since its invocation by governments claiming that it is a principal tool in the often-lawless global ‘War on Terror’. Despite the popularity that this mechanism has earned amongst a growing number of states, principally those participating in the ‘War on Terror’, it has been neglected that the use of preemptive detention is illegal when used arbitrarily and disproportionately in a manner that does not allow for any remedy at all to be sought against this egregious violation of the fundamental human right not to be subjected to arbitrary deprivation of liberty. [...]

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